Saturday, July 29, 2017

Film Crack is for film enthusiasts, cinema lovers, DVD collectors, film festival visitors and anyone who loves the art of “the moving picture”. We aim to write and enthuse about releases and keep our readers up to date with film related news and interesting features. Writing from the heart of Berlin and in the UK, we believe we are in the perfect location to reach a European and even worldwide audience with our passion for film.

Movie critic and enthusiast Rupe Arkell founded Film Crack in early 2017. After eight years as the resident film critic for BBC Radio Manchester he started Film Crack to continue engaging in conversation about film.


About Rupe Arkell

Rupe has always been a film fan. As a kid, he was constantly drawn to film and built his knowledge from there. He later studied Media at The University of Chester in England, including modules on film and television. He later was BBC Radio Manchester’s resident film critic for eight years.

After moving to Berlin in 2015, Rupe started Film Crack in early 2017 to continue engaging in conversation about his favourite topic.